Easy Hotel 420 Firecrackers

Have you ever wondered how to effectively decarb your cannabis when you are away from home? Most hotel rooms have an iron and ironing board.

I’m going on holiday soon, and it’s a wonderful cruise – lucky me! I know of a few bars in the departure port where I can safely get some weed, but as I don’t smoke, how do I decarb it to use it as an edible on board? 420 firecrackers are the answer!

I checked the cabin booking in advance to see what I need to bring with me that won’t raise any suspicions if my bag is searched at the airports. The room has an iron and ironing board – perfect!

Of course, if the country is not 420 friendly, I am not recommending that you break any laws when in that country. You must make your own choices.

For our first onboard meal (which is buffet style), I make sure I find some Graham crackers, Ritz crackers or slices of bread. I also want something with a high fat content. Butter is a last resort as it gets everywhere when it melts. My first choice would be peanut butter portions or cheese. If not, then Nutella will be a sweet option.

I will take some of them to my table and spread each cracker (or slice of bread) generously. Then, I will lightly sandwich them together in pairs. If anyone comments on this, I will just say that I am likely to get peckish later on in my cabin. Totally believable and fine with the crew.

Assembling The 420 Firecrackers

Decarboxylate Your Cannabis

This is the next bit of the genius hack. I have brought two sandwich toaster bags with me. They are food safe and non-stick, which is really important and better than using aluminium foil. They are designed to go in a toaster and are heat-resistant up to 500°F (260°C).

Back in my cabin I put my weed into one of the bags, get the ironing board out and set the iron to one dot or the nylon setting. This is about 120°C (250°F), put the toaster bag with the weed in it on the metal rest of the ironing board and then put the iron on top for about 15 to 20 minutes. Totally safe and nothing burns or catches fire.

Make The 420 Firecrackers

To make the 420 firecrackers, carefully separate the sandwiches or crackers that I made at the restaurant – that’s why I said not to press them together too tightly. Lay them out ready for the decarboxylated weed. The toaster bag will have cooled down by now, so press the sides together and crush the contents. The weed will be drier by now, and the idea is to crumble it up in the bag as much as possible.

Next, tip the contents out onto the sandwiches. It is important to mix the decarbed weed into the peanut butter or Nutella as much as possible, as it is the fat content that needs to soak up the cannabinoids. If you have no cutlery to hand, use the free pen the hotel gives you, or the handle of your toothbrush. Then, close the sandwiches or crackers up and put them back into the toaster bag. You have now made your 420 firecrackers, but there is another step to take to make them better.

Set the iron to the second dot or the wool setting. Put the toaster bag back on the metal plate of the ironing board and, once the iron has come up to temperature, leave it on top of the toaster bag for about 20 minutes. There is no need to press hard, but turn the bag over after 10 minutes to heat through evenly.

When they have cooled down, you can eat some straight away, but you also take them with you in the toaster bag to top up your buzz throughout the day. Remember that 420 firecrackers often take about 2 hours to kick in and the effects can last for up to 6 hours. Remember to drink lots of water as well. Enjoy your trip!

You don’t have to be on holiday to enjoy your 420 firecrackers. At home, it is really easy (and efficient!) to decarb your weed for THC in the POT by NOIDS and then follow the same procedure. This is a great way to get chilled for an evening in. My personal favourite is to take them to the movies and watch an action film.

glass laboratory flask with cannabis leaves

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