POT by NOIDS – Make Cannabis Tincture for DIY Skincare Products

How to use the POT by NOIDS for cannabis decarboxylation to make a potent tincture for cannabis edibles. Make your own herbal bud infusion using kief.

Making your own cannabis-infused tincture for skincare is easier than you might think. With the Pot by Noids Herbal Decarboxylator (PBN), the process becomes even more straightforward. By using this device, you can decarboxylate your cannabis perfectly and ensure maximum potency for your DIY products.

I’ve tried various methods to make cannabis oils and tinctures, but the most effective one has been using Pot by Noids (PBN). This device simplifies the decarboxylation process, which is key for activating the beneficial compounds in cannabis. The result is a high-quality tincture that can be used in a variety of skincare formulations.

Making your own skincare products at home lets you choose the ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals in store-bought items. The Noids Pot guarantees a strong and pure cannabis infusion, enhancing your DIY products with a natural advantage.

Overview of the Pot by Noids Herbal Decarboxylator

The PBN is well-made and strong. The unit is sturdy metal, the glass is strong borosilicate that is dishwasher-safe and the lids are food-grade silicon. Apart from making tinctures, the PBN can make infused oil as long as the butter or oil is heat stable, like coconut oil or ghee. Cannabutter is great to incorporate into cannabis edibles and gummies. Cannabis oil is really easy to use in DIY skincare such as this lotion recipe. You can also learn how to make a THC or CBD infused oil in this blog.

Decarboxylation Basics

Decarboxylation is essential for activating compounds in cannabis, like THCa and CBDa. The PBN uses calibrated temperature settings to ensure proper decarboxylating of your cannabis plant. The temperature control is precise, allowing the cannabis to reach the exact heat needed without burning. When the correct temperature has been reached, the THCa converts to THC, and the CBDa converts to CBD. 

Many people use an oven, sous vide, crock pot, or a slow cooker to decarb their weed, but that is such an inaccurate and wasteful way to do it. You can’t guarantee the correct conversion temperature and can easily waste 30% of your weed. The PBN infuser will give you excellent THC or CBD every time, and if you let it cool down in the glass jar after you have decarbed it, the terpene and cannabinoid content will be retained. Obviously it is best to use a high CBD strain in the first place and here are the Top 10 Cannabis Strains With High CBD Levels.

Preparing Cannabis with the Pot by Noids Infuser

To make cannabis-infused tinctures for DIY skincare, start with preparing the cannabis. To decarb, it is not necessary to grind the buds at all. However, my buds are quite large, and when I come to add the alcohol, I will need to grind them, so they are covered in alcohol. Therefore, it’s easier to grind them right from the start.

Grinding the Cannabis

I use a quality grinder to break down the buds into smaller pieces. This allows for even heating in the decarboxylator. Don’t grind it too fine, as this can make the filtering process harder. A coarse consistency is ideal. This ensures that the plant material decarbs uniformly. Any of the very fine powder (kief) that collects under the mesh sieve is good to use for another day.

Add the ground weed to the PBN jar and put the silicon lid on. This lid fits really well, which means you won’t have the smell of weed all over your house. Turn on the Pot by Noids decarboxylator and twist the machine body to the setting you want. This can either be CBD or THC. Both can be valuable in skincare products. That’s it! It really is that simple.

Leave the machine to do its job which will take at least an hour on average. Depending on the volume and how dry the herb is, the machine will continually assess and change the temperature to obtain the absolute best results.

Creating Cannabis Tinctures

After decarboxylation, the cannabis is ready for tincture creation. Place the decarbed cannabis into a screw topped jar. Regular vodka contains too much water and not enough alcohol. Look for a high percentage alcohol like 97%. Everclear is a well known brand and you can also buy Perfumers Alcohol. Do not use denatured alcohol like the kind sold for surface cleaning. It is dangerous when taken internally.

Add enough high-proof alcohol to cover the plant material completely. Seal the jar tightly. Place it in your freezer. This is an effective infuser technique as the low temperature will reduce the amount of chlorophyll infusing into your tincture. The extraction will have a better taste if you make edibles with the tincture.

Shake the jar gently every day then let it sit in the freezer again. The time needed is just a couple of days and leaving it there longer will not damage the herb at all. This allows the cannabinoids to infuse into the alcohol. The next stage is to strain it to remove the plant material.

How Good Is The Filter In The POT by NOIDS?

Empty the contents of the screw-topped jar into the PBN glass beaker and put the filter top on the jar. The filter in the Pot by Noids is highly efficient. It effectively removes unwanted residue from the cannabis. This ensures that your tincture is clean and potent. The filter is easy to clean and reuse.

Efficient no-mess straining with the POT by NOIDS
Efficient no-mess straining with the POT by NOIDS

It looks like a French press for coffee, but you handle it differently. DO NOT plunge the the metal tube down just now. Get a clean bottle or container for the tincture to go into. Make sure you hold the filter cap on tightly and tip the jar over slowly. You will see that the infused alcohol starts to pour out right away into your bottle. Then you can press the metal post into the jar so it squeezes out all the infused alcohol.

The residual “sludge” can still be used. Add it to smoothies or edibles that have a strong flavour like chocolate brownies to cover the taste of the alcohol. You can also let the alcohol evaporate off and then use fill some capsules for easy taste-free consumption.

Reclaim the Alcohol for Another Time

There are so many excellent features about the PBN, but this feature is exclusive to the PBN. Put the strained tincture back into the clean glass jar. Put the clean strainer lid back on and attach the curved metal tube. Put a clean bottle underneath the end of the tube ready to catch the reclaimed alcohol. 

Twist the body of the machine to the alcohol setting. The PBN will use a low heat to warm the alcohol SAFELY. Do not try this with any other machine. The alcohol will warm up, travel up the tube and condense down into the bottle. This alcohol is ready to be used for another tincture session.

Every now and then, check how much of your tincture is left in the glass jar. I like to stop when it is about 2 tablespoons so that I can decant it into a dropper bottle. If you let the machine run until it finishes, you will have a concentrated sticky paste inside the jar. Don’t try to scrape it out, just add a little alcohol back and the sticky paste will dissolve. If you tip this into the flat silicon lid, the alcohol will evaporate off leaving FECO. As the silicon lid is a food-safe material, it makes it easy to scrape off the FECO with a blunt knife or teaspoon.

POT by NOIDS alcohol reclamation
POT by NOIDS alcohol reclamation

Storing Your Cannabis-Infused Tincture

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the tincture’s potency and cannabinoids. Store the tincture in a dark, cool place. Use amber or coloured glass bottles to protect it from light.

Label the bottles with the date and contents. This helps to track its freshness. Keep the bottles sealed tightly to prevent evaporation. Properly stored tinctures can last for several years.

Benefits of Cannabis-Infused Skincare

Cannabis-infused skincare has been gaining popularity for its remarkable benefits. It can help with various skin issues, offer anti-inflammatory properties, and provide a natural solution for skincare problems.

Skincare Formulations

When creating cannabis-infused skincare, choosing the right formulations is essential. For me, the basic formulation should be a superb combination of ingredients, even without the cannabis tincture.

Tinctures are generally added in the third stage of making creams and lotions and alcohol has the potential cause the emulsion to split and separate. The way around this is to use a very strong and stable emulsion in the first place. You can also add the tincture to the heated water stage, which will evaporate the alcohol before it can cause damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a decarboxylator?

A decarboxylator is a device that heats cannabis to activate compounds like THCa and CBDa. This process is called decarboxylation and results in THC and CBD.

How does the Noids Herbal Decarboxylator work?

It uses precise heat and time to activate the cannabis. You just need to place your cannabis in the device, choose the setting, and wait. It will automatically change the time and temperature depending on the cannabis and surrounding temperature, resulting in perfect decarbing every time.

Can I use any type of cannabis?

Yes, you can use any type of cannabis flower. Just make sure it’s properly dried and cured.

How much cannabis should I use?

The amount depends on the potency you want. Start with a small amount and see how it works for you. Then adjust the amount as needed. The PBN glass jar will easily hold 10g of dried buds.

Can I decarboxylate other herbs?

Yes, you can, but most herbs don’t need to be decarboxylated. Use the oil infusion setting to make wonderful chilli oil and other herb-infused oils.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, when used correctly, it is a safe and efficient way to decarboxylate herbs AND a very safe way to reclaim your used alcohol. The glass jar, lid and strainer attachment are also safe to put in the dishwasher.

How should I store the tincture?

Store it in a dark, cool place. Using an amber glass bottle can help protect it from light.


Using the Pot by Noids herbal decarboxylator makes the process of creating cannabis-infused tinctures straightforward. It is so easy to control the decarboxylation process, and it ensures a consistent result every time. Creating DIY skincare products with these tinctures is both fun and rewarding.

I recommend trying this method for anyone interested in natural beauty products. The tinctures can be added to easy-to-make gels and creams.

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